Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

The Fraunhofer IBP focuses on research, development, testing, demonstration and consulting in the fields of building physics: e.g. noise control, acoustic optimization, increase of energy efficiency, optimization of lighting, indoor climate, hygiene, health and building material emissions as well as aspects of heat, moisture and weather protection. IBP has been active in the construction of membranes with films and textiles for about 10 years.

Competences in Technical Textiles

  • Development and design of innovative construction concepts and optimized components for new and existing buildings
  • "Efficient building envelope" as a central interface between the building and the environment
  • Modularity, adaptability and resource-saving designs
  • Systems made of membranes (textile structures as well as foil constructions)
  • Material, component and system development with a focus on mineral building materials using textile systems (for example, fiber-reinforced concrete)
  • Comprehensive illustration of the use of textile structures in construction