Textile Structures and Preforms

Core Competence Textile Structures and Preforms

  • Development of unidirectional continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics
  • Development of hybrid semi-finished products (thermoplastics, metal / FRP hybrids)
  • Automated layer and preform production (Ply-Book, component design)
  • Preform technologies for bionic reinforced lightweight structures
  • Spacer preforms for integration into ultralight bearing structures
  • Production of spacer and multilayer fabrics (hybridization with cellulose fibers), functional integration into textile semi-finished products and production of organic sheets
  • Development and fabrication of ceramic matric composites
  • New processes for fabrication of CMC components
  • Non-destructive characterization of structures and components

Fraunhofer Institutes: ISC/HTL, IWU/STEX, WKI/HOFZET